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Our procedures:

Once we have made ourselves familiar with your problem we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. This will be evaluated very quickly and will enable us to give you a preliminary – albeit non-committal – analysis. For this we will charge you $ 25.00.

This analysis will be our basis from which we will suggest how we would proceed in this matter. Should we be in agreement we will determine what services on our side will be necessary and what your part in the procedure will be.

We want to be successful in what we do for you. Therefore we offer the following system regarding our fees: After a non-refundable initial fee of $ 25.00 you will pay the agreed upon remainder of the fee when we have received the final results of our research and know for sure what (if any) pay-outs you are entitled to.

At this point, our official working relationship will terminate but we will always be available to answer your follow-up questions.
However, should the procedure end up in a German, Swiss or Austrian court and we need the assistance of an attorney it will be necessary for us to negotiate a different pay-schedule with you that will reflect the nature of your case.

We will take care of all correspondence with the case-officer; to that regard there is nothing for you to do. To expedite the procedure we will correspond with you via e-mail. Official documents will be, if you choose so, mailed to you by US Mail. In case you use our translation service we need your specific request since this involves expenditures.

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Office for Foreign Social Securities (ofss)
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