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Regarding our Procedure

No person working for ofss is in a position to give binding information or promise regarding pension entitlements. This can only be obtained through the respective national or state-operated Social Security Administrations or the respective insurance carriers. Their official statements and information are the basis on which the insured individual can with our assistance make his or her case.

We do take responsibility for the correct transfer of data and/or information between our client on the one hand and the respective Social Security Administration on the other. We are liable only for the consequences caused by deliberate misinformation and/or negligence in which case our monetary liability will be equal to the amount of one month pension.

In case we needed to consult or include a person from outside of our ofss office to serve our client's interest, we will not be liable for any damage, harm and/or disadvantage caused to our client by that person.

Regarding our Website

All information we present to you has been carefully gathered and checked for accuracies. We always update our information and check them for validity. Please understand that we can not absolutely guarantee the correctness, validity and completeness of the information on our website. We can not exclude that from time to time and without our knowledge information has become invalid and/or has acquired a different meaning (interpretation). It is possible that we may change or complement the available information.

We will not be responsible for any damage, harm and/or disadvantage that was directly or indirectly caused by the use of the data and information on our website.

Any other website outside our official site that has been identified through a link is responsible for it's own content. We have no influence on the content and are not liable for it's accuracy. The same applies to any website (or sub-site) that offers a Hyperlink to The content of any website that is pointed out on our official website by a link is not regarded an instrument of our procedure or an official offer to a client.

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