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We are offering the following services:

1. We analyze the present situation of your foreign pension-insurance and offer a suggestion how to proceed in order to achieve a satisfactory solution to your problem.
2. We will handle all correspondence (in German) with the German Social Security Administration. If certain documents need to be translated into English or German, you may, for a small fee, use our translation services.
3. We will work together with you and identify your specific entitlements by collecting all proofs of income and of your Social Security contributions. In cases where there are no proofs available and/or your German Social Security number is unknown to you we will contact the proper administration offices and undertake a thorough investigation and obtain the number and other proofs for you.
4. We will assist you in securing the complete and chronological schedule of your contributions and entitlements from the German Social Security administration.
5. We will assist you with clearing and securing waiting-periods, substitute times, periods of reduced and/or suspended contributions as well as periods of child-raising etc.
6. We will investigate what benefits you are entitled to.
7. We will expertly evaluate the amount of any benefits to you.
8. We will offer suggestions how to optimize the yields of your entitlements.
9. We also will assist you with applying for benefits due to age, disability, the death of your spouse and/or the death of your primary guardian(s).
10. If necessary official documents will be scrutinized by a certified Social Security advisor.
11. We also will argue your interest in the court of law or in out-of-court procedures through hiring an attorney or with the help of a court-appointed public defender.

Please give us your trust.

Without any obligation to you we will give you a general idea about your situation regarding your pension insurance. We will answer all your questions and offer suggestions how to solve your problem(s) and that is our promise!

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Office for Foreign Social Securities (ofss)
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